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New PROMOTIONAL Shipping Rates for Limited Time
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New PROMOTIONAL Shipping Rates for Limited Time

RTP Apparel is experimenting with a new shipping rate that will provide savings on the cost of shipping for most orders. Users will find that they will end up saving at least some money on the shipping cost of the DTG Ready To Print shirts.

The system should automatically select the least expensive shipping rate. Much of the time this will be the new PROMOTIONAL SHIPPING RATE we are test driving for our customers (Only available for continental USA customers). The new rate will ship UPS Ground  like most normal shipments (no exceptions when this option is selected). In rare cases the new shipping rate may not be the least expensive option. We have back tested this option and most of our customers should find the new shipping options a great additional to the RTP Apparel website.

If you have any questions or comments on this, please let us know!



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