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RTP Apparel USA and COVID-19 Update - Inventory
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RTP Apparel USA and COVID-19 Update - Inventory

RTP Apparel United States:

RTP Apparel USA wanted to take some time and update all of our customers in the United States in regards to the Covid-19 virus. We take this threat very seriously and encourage everyone to be safe during this time. There's a lot of information and mis-information out on the web, so this is our official statements on this epidemic.

Our current stock of Black 1600 shirts has been hit because of a delay in being able to obtain containers for shipping due to the disruption in China and getting those containers shifted to Bangladesh. We finally did get a shipment in route that had been sitting in the port for more than a month and we are expecting to have new inventory of Black 1600 shirts arriving the first part of April. We will be updating our website as we get more information on arrival and stocking times. Please note that NONE of our shirts come from China so there is NO issue in regards to the safety of our shirts or transmission of the covid-19 virus via our stock.

In addition, we have several additional shipments ready to leave and we are awaiting status of these new shipments. These contain higher product counts of shirt as we try to bolster our inventory levels due to higher demand from our customers. We are working hard to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain caused by the Corona virus. 

Ever precautions are being taken in our factories to ensure that the workers are as safe as can possibly be during these trying times. It is our goal to make sure that we can ensure deliveries and shipments are as consistent as possible throughout this period of uncertainty. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and your support. We look forward to the end of the issues we are all facing related to the virus. In spite of the virus and the havoc it is causing we continue to work towards making DTG easier for our customers. 



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