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September 24, 2023
Effective 4/28/21New Higher Minimum Order for FREE Shipping

Effective 4/28/21 RTP Apparel has had to raise the minimum order total to $295 to be eligible for FREE shipping within the continental United States. Due to rising costs across...

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Wait Until You See What Santa is Bringing RTP Apparel This Christmas

Wait until you see what Santa is bringing RTP Apparel this Christmas... Ho. Ho. Whoa...

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RTP Apparel's 7th Generation Shirt is Leading the DTG Industry

RTP Apparel was launched in early 2016 with the first commercially available DTG Ready To Print shirt that started a revolution in the on-demand printing...

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DTG Ready To Print Fully Pretreated Black Shirt FLASH Sale

HUGE FLASH SALE! RTP Apparel wanted to celebrate all of our customer who PRINT a LOT for the holiday season. Especially since Black Friday is coming up, we know that...

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RTP Apparel wanted to congratulated Mahlon Williams from who recently had one of our RTP Apparel shirts they printed show up on a live ESPN broadcast recently. 

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New Youth Athletic Grey Shirts Available - Fully Ready To Print

RTP Apparel is excited to announce that the new Youth 1600 Style shirts in ATHLETIC GREY are now available. These youth shirts are completely pretreated and are Ready To Print....

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New RTP Apparel BLACK Youth Fully Pretreated Shirt Now Available

The New 1600 YOUTH Fully Pretreated Shirt has Arrived! We are proud to announce that availability of the FULLY pretreated Youth Style 1600 shirt is now available in the United...

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RTP Apparel Announces New Partnership Bringing RTP Apparel To Europe

RTP Apparel announces a new partnership for Europe and Africa to bring RTP Apparel DTG Ready To Print shirts to the digital printing community in Europe...

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RTP Apparel is Now Available Through One Stop Apparel in Michigan

RTP Apparel is excited to announce that One Stop of Grand Rapids Michigan is now carrying RTP Apparel DTG Ready To Print shirts with all of their other great decorating apparel...

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