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March 21, 2023
New Look For RTP Apparel Boxes

RTP Apparel is proud to announce that soon you’ll be able to find your RTP Apparel shipments quickly when they arrive due to our new, heavy duty shipping boxes. We are excited...

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RTP Apparel Productivity Increase 600dpi vs 1200dpi

Here we take a look at how using RTP Apparel White shirts can help improve productivity and profitability by allowing the printer to run at a lower resolution and thus,...

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RTP Apparel Tear Away Tags

Everyone dreams of having their own Apparel line. RTP Apparel is making that dream a lot easier. All RTP Apparel shirts have tear away labels so you can easily pull...

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How Do RTP Apparel Shirts Compare to Other “Quality” Shirts?

We are super excited to be bringing to market one of the biggest industry changing products (we think so) in years to the DTG production chain. The new RTP Apparel...

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RTP Apparel Side by Side Print

We wanted to show you EXACTLY why you want to use the RTP Apparel garments in your DTG business – especially on a white T-Shirt. We’ve heard from many the...

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Dream Bigger with RTP Apparel

Each year is the start of something new and exciting. It is a time of reflecting on the previous year while looking forward with an excitement that only imagination and hope...

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