DTG Ready To Print Fully Pretreated Black Shirt FLASH Sale


RTP Apparel wanted to celebrate all of our customer who PRINT a LOT for the holiday season. Especially since Black Friday is coming up, we know that a online shirt sales will skyrocket between now and Christmas - especially on Black Friday.

So, to celebrate our HUGE new inventory of black shirts and our customers, we are offering a 12 hour FLASH sale of our most popular DTG Ready To Print shirt in Black - just in time for Black Friday!

You can purchase a full 6-pack of a size for $3.69 per shirt or a FULL Case of 72 for $3.59 per shirt. This is almost a 30% savings over the single shirt price!

So, get ready and gear up for a busy DTG Printing Season! We have the BLACK shirts you need - HURRY - SALE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT NOVEMBER 13th, 2020!

You can purchase the 1600 Series BLACK Ready To Print Shirt HERE.

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