RTP Apparel Ethos for DTG Printing


Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence emotions, behaviors, and even morals.

DTG is commonly known as Direct To Garment. But to our team, DTG stands for much more…

D – Dream. We believe that if we Dream it we can find a way to make it a reality. We continually try to do better than we did the day before. Through our diligence and determination we believe we can make our dreams a reality in the DTG industry. Nothing will stand in our way and adversity only makes us stronger.

T – Together. We can not do it alone. Our Faith, our Family, and our Fellow team members allow us to achieve the impossible – and support each other when we feel we can not. We do this for our customers because without our customers there’s no reason to do what we do.

G – Group. Each Member of our Group has a unique gift, and together these gifts help create an innovative company and family of products that can change the world. Our goal is to help make the Direct To Garment industry better through innovation – one shirt at a time.


Image Armor, RTP Apparel and i-Group Technologies can, and will help shape the future of the DTG industry with our Dreams, Together as a Family, and as a Group.


This is what DTG is to us. This is our Ethos.