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How To Use RTP Apparel - Use Guide

How To Use RTP Apparel - Use Guide

RTP Apparel is one of the most innovative new products for the DTG industry that is not only making history, but making the lives of DTG printers easier and more efficient. RTP Apparel is proud of our current achievements of being the first in the world to commercially make available a time savings product which allows for easier DTG printing. And we want to make using them easier for you.

So, for those who have been purchasing RTP Apparel, this How to Use Guide is nothing new. But we wanted to make it more easily available to everyone on HOW TO USE RTP Apparel. It isn’t difficult, but like any product there are ways to be more successful in using it. By following our guidelines we hope to help our customers be more successful in their DTG printing. It is still a process, but RTP Apparel can make that process easier by removing the “fun” task of pretreating.

You can click on the image to the left to download the full PDF of our How To Use Guide.

Thank you for your support and let us know how you like our RTP Apparel shirts! We always love hearing from you to help us improve our products!

Have fun NOT pretreating your DTG shirts!

RTP Apparel Download HOW TO USE Guide



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