RTP Apparel is proud to announce that soon you’ll be able to find your RTP Apparel shipments quickly when they arrive due to our new, heavy duty shipping boxes. We are excited to be adding another level of quality to our popular new apparel line.

RTP Apparel is the industry’s newest innovation that allows DTG users to skip the pretreating process and do what they do best – PRINTING SHIRTS. The new RTP Apparel shirts are designed with the highest quality fabric, construction and are completely pretreated with our patent pending process which allows you to print anywhere on the shirt – inside or out.

By removing the pretreating process, RTP Apparel allows you to remove one of the most taxing processes in the Direct To Garment process – the pretreatment application. This reduces process time, reject rates, and increases throughput productivity.

The new shirts are available on our web store. If you have not yet signed up on our website you can do so at www.rtpapparel.com/registration and then purchase a Sample Pak to try out the shirts.  We expect to soon be opening up the online store to more members around mid-March 2017.

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