February 24th - 25th Partial Shut Down and Delays on Shipping Orders Due To Power Outages

The weather system that blew through (literally) February 24th and Feb 25th has caused extensive power outages in the RTP Apparel facility in New Philadelphia, OH (actually the whole state). These winds reached up to 60 mph (which I believe is like Hurricane Category 1 wind speeds). Unfortunately power was out at our RTP Apparel building all Sunday evening and as of 4:46pm EST it is still out. They are not expecting to have it back on until maybe late on February 26th.

We were able to go in by sheer determination, generators, work lights, multiple locations of printing out orders from home, filling orders, and printing labels from another location, were able to get most all orders shipped out today. 

If you are trying to call, you will not be able to get through. You can always email us at sales@rtpapparel.com however even that will have a delayed response. 

We are just as bummed about the situation as you, but we pulled 95% of all the orders through received through the weekend and today DID ship. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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