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RTP Apparel Announces New Partnership Bringing RTP Apparel To Europe
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RTP Apparel Announces New Partnership Bringing RTP Apparel To Europe

RTP Apparel, a Ready To Print DTG garment manufacturer, announced an exciting new partnership with the SOLO Group of Paris, France at the CTCO textile show held January 31-Feb 2nd at the Lyon, France convention center. The SOLO Group is one of Europe’s largest garment manufacturers with distribution throughout all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The Group is comprised of several brands including SOL’S, ATF, Joy Thai, and now RTP Apparel Europe. RTP Apparel Europe will provide DTG Ready To Print garments all over Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East for the DTG printing community.

This new partnership between RTP Apparel USA and the SOLO Group has helped advance the DTG industry by continuing to innovate and produce garments that are DTG Ready To Print for a global customer base. RTP Apparel’s unique manufacturing processes, technologies, and other processes helped create the industry’s first widely available garments that do not require the step of pretreating that is usually required for DTG printing. RTP Apparel’s unique and innovative technology allows printers to skip the messy and time consuming pretreatment step and focus more on printing and selling.

RTP Apparel is now widely available throughout Europe and is officially a global brand with sales offices in the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe.

More information about RTP Apparel and DTG Ready To Print products can be found at



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