RTP Apparel Announces the Launch of New, Faster eCommerce Store

RTP Apparel announces the release of their new, faster website. The new www.rtpapparel.com website is designed with our customers in mind featuring faster load times and new features.

"Everyone that had an account on our old web store will need to create a new account to access pricing and stock." said Brian Walker, founder of RTP Apparel. "The new site hides the pricing of RTP Apparel form the general public so that your customers can't find out what you are paying for an individual shirt. This is designed to help you protect your costs and business structure. "

There are many new features that will be implemented. One of the cool features currently available is to get updates on your order via SMS - or text messages on your cell phone. Over the next several weeks we will be introducing many new features to make the DTG Ready To Print purchasing much easier, quicker, and enjoyable.

You can create a new account by visiting our Account Page.

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