RTP Apparel Releases New Ready To Print T-Shirt Color - OrangeRTP Apparel Announces the Release of Another Ready To Print Color – ORANGE

RTP Apparel is excited to announce the release of another color to our expanding line of DTG Ready To Print t-shirts. Orange is commonly a VERY difficult color to print due to poor dyes (the processes used) and pretreatment box staining. Our RTP Orange t-shirt makes direct to garment printing on this color easier and more efficient than trying to pretreat the shirts in-house.

RTP Shirts are the worlds first mass produced T-Shirts that are completely pretreated and Ready To Print. This means no trying to figure out the proper amount of pretreatment to apply, messy liquids, or dealing with discolored pretreated areas. Simply pull the shirt from the bag, heat press to remove moisture and then print as normal. The entire shirt is pretreated so you can print on the front, side, back or even sleeves.

Currently there are 12 colors in the RTP Apparel Style 1600 collection which includes White, Black, Athletic Grey, Charcoal, Red, Pink, Navy, Royal, Gold, Coyote, OD Green, and now Orange. All shirts are ready to print and work with most DTG printers on the market.

The RTP Apparel shirts can be purchased in our shop at www.rtpapparel.com/shop.

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