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ZERO Dye Migration 100% Polyester Shirts - For DTG, DTF and Screen Printers
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ZERO Dye Migration 100% Polyester Shirts - For DTG, DTF and Screen Printers


RTP Apparel will be unveiling the world's FIRST multi-media 100% polyester garment that can be used for DTG, DTF or Screen Printing that has zero dye-migrating properties. 

Our patent pending process lends itself to creating the first generation of 100% polyester shirts that will not dye-migrate under temperatures used to cure common DTG and screen printing inks. Typically a red 100% polyester would turn white ink pink quickly, especially in DTG where dye blockers in inks aren't technologically possible at this time. RTP Apparel designed these polyester shirts so that even under extended cure times in conveyor ovens of 6-8 minutes at 400F plus the white ink will still retain it's original bright whiteness.

What this means for screen printers is that pretty much ANY white ink can be used to print on these polyester shirts without fear of high temperatures causing the white ink to turn pink immediately - or even a few days after delivery to the customer.

For Direct To Garment printers this is a MAJOR step forward in the DTG printing arena. Now, complete full colored graphics can be print on a variety of polyester colors without fear of the ink turning a shaded color of the garment itself. Plus, you DO NOT have to undercure the ink to avoid the dreaded sublimation point where the dyes convert and cause the migration issues. 

Whether screen printing or DTG printing you would want to ensure that the inks are cured properly which delivers the best wash durability and longevity of the printed garment.

Make sure to stop by our booth #C10307 at the PRINTING UNITED even in Las Vegas October 19th-21st. This is a must see in person. No smoke and mirrors here. FULLY PRINT. FULLY CURE. FULLY 100% DYE MIGRATION RESISTANT.



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