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GO BIG - 4X Sizes Now Available in Charcoal
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GO BIG - 4X Sizes Now Available in Charcoal

RTP Apparel is excited to announce that we are now carrying larger sizes in the popular RTP Apparel DTG Ready To Print Shirts. One of the most problematic colors to print is Charcoal and RTP Apparel has the solution. With our unique processes in manufacturing the RTP Apparel shirts we are able to reduce many of the difficulties in pretreating and printing Charcoal colored shirts. 

Our Charcoal shirt is completely Ready To Print and is available in sizes S - 4XL. Each shirt can be printed on anywhere - front, back, side, even the sleeves. The only thing you need to do prior to printing is to heat press the shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture from the printing area. Then, just print the image.

RTP Apparel gives new meaning to DTG - by removing the pretreating process that few enjoy so you can focus on the real fun... PRINTING and making money.

You can purchase the CHARCOAL shirts here.



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