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New BACK IN INVENTORY Feature Added to RTP Apparel Website
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New BACK IN INVENTORY Feature Added to RTP Apparel Website

RTP Apparel has just added a new feature to the website that allows users to sign up to receive email notifications when out of stock inventory is available for purchasing. This way users can be among the first to know when the most popular items are available and in inventory for purchasing.

RTP Apparel Out of Stock Inventory Notification

For any item that has out of stock inventory positions, a GREEN tab on the left side of the screen will appear and "float" there as the screen is scrolled up or down. Simply clicking on this tab brings up a screen that allows users to enter the size of the shirt and their email address as well as clicking a checkbox to add their name to the mailing list for future new item notifications when they are released.

We have had multiple requests for this feature and have instituted it to ensure that we can help our customers achieve the highest level of customer service we are able to offer. 

New inventory is expected to be arriving in BLACK sometime the week of October 20th, so this new feature is a great way to sign up and get notified when new stock has arrived!


We appreciate every customer's input and experiences with our website and RTP products. So, please let us know what you think, what you like, and what you would like to see in future Styles and Colors! Click here to CONTACT US.



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