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Printing Custom Tag Labels at the Same Time as Your Main Graphic
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Printing Custom Tag Labels at the Same Time as Your Main Graphic

Printing custom, one off shirts is one of the strong points of DTG decorating. Yet, for many branding of the shirt is an extremely important part of that process. In the past you had to tear out the old tag and then sew in another one, screen print the tag, or use a heat transfer option.

RTP Apparel helps make this custom individualization of each and every shirt printed easier because of our unique Ready To Print shirts. Simply remove the RTP Apparel tear-away tag. Create a simple, raised platform for the shirt and collar print areas leaving a gap between the two printing areas. This gap is where the collar of the shirt will sit in - and be lower than your printing areas. 

With the raised template in place it is easy to print both the custom tag AND main image on the shirt at the same time! Simply prepress the tag, collar, and shirt with your heat press and the load onto your platen. Printing is easy once you have the template setup.

This allows for easy mass customization of each and every shirt for your customer. 

Let RTP Apparel do the hard work for you so your business can focus on printing and selling DTG shirts.



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